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Bone graft is an oral surgical procedure to increase the possibilities of stabilization of the dental implant screw. That is to make a better nest for the implant osteointegration.

There are situations in which bone graft will be needed:

1. Immediately after the removal of a tooth. After cleaning the socket and doing the cavitation bone regenerative process begins by inserting bone particle material into the socket or alveolar.

2. When there are no teeth and not enough bone in length and width to stabilize an implant. Graft will be needed to restore the ridge that is going to integrate the implant screw.

3. When the stabilization of an implant is possible on the alveolar bone graft particles may be needed to fill in empty spaces.

Bone graft can be of various nature:

1. Human donated bone graft.
2. Bovine graft.
3. Calcium phosphate with plasma rich in bone grown factor or PRBG.
4. Autograft which is bone of your own.