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Dental implants in Tijuana, Mexico.

Dental implants in Tijuana, Mexico. Dr. Max Corona, implantologist, certified in oral endo-osteo integrated titanium implants for over 30 years. New and recent proof technologies has give us a whole new field in osteo regenerative conduction of bone, to properly provide the nest for the anchor of the latest type of restorations, which is crowns and bridges over dental implants. This newly approach is to reach the best and healthiest biological package possible:

A. Gum interproximal papila and tissue conformation.
B. Bone interaction with the implant or osteo integration.
C. And the beautiful crown that eventually will fit and screw torque over the platform of the implant.

This fine and sophisticated bio mechanical procedures involve many materials, as bonegrafts from human donated sources, bovine practicle and block structures and stabilizers, as screws and titanium nets, sterilized by gamma rays and pack in double bias containers. All of this is been developing just very recently, dominate this new world resources requires a lot of research and study which Dr. Corona is very commited to.

Dr. Max Corona.

All dental surgery, dental implants and full oral rehabilitation treatments are performed by Dr. Max Corona. Certified in Dental Implants by Loma Linda University school of dentistry using Nobel Biocare technology, and in conscious sedation by the institute "Sedation Dentistry" in California. Dr. Max Corona has successfully practiced this procedure in Tijuana Mexico for decades with the most advanced technology.

Dental implants prices.

Prices for dental implant treatment in our clinic is often less than half of the price for dental implants in United States. Dental Implant body placement is 800 USD and when the time comes  600 USD for abutment and the zirconia crown. Contact us for more information about prices of dental implants for your specific case so we can guide you through the optimal dental implant treatment plan.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants consist of titanium screws, placed surgically inside the bone to strongly support a variety of dental appliances: as a natural looking tooth or teeth made of zirconia or ceramics, bridges and large prosthesis like partials or full over dentures, improving the quality of life of our patients, appearance and letting them eat the foods they always loved.