History of dental implants

Ever since the egyptians and mayans glorious era archeology has found implanted objets in human body jaw or maxilar for support of a prothesis or for cosmetis like gems, gold even ivory.

Recent history of dental implants osseointegration.

Recent history starts in 1965 since proessor Per-Ingvar Brånemark applied his research from an accidental discovery to treat a patient after ten years of meticulous and exhaustive investigation. Pure titanium prove the unique posibility to integrate to bone tissue as well good to resist to corrosion. All metals create a layer of oxide but titanium is the one that shows the most reliable, stable, and natural acceptance by the bone. He created the first titanium dental implant.

On his first patient, Gösta Larson, that died after 40 years of being implanted with perfect and intact dental implant prosthesis. Professor Brånemark thaught dental professionals and to the world, that with dental implants is all good news when they are properly performed. He also told us that no one deserve to die with a pair of denture in a glass of water.

He deserved the nobel prize, dental implants are nowadays the most innovative course of modern dentisty.

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