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Orthodontics in Tijuana. Aesthetic and transparent braces.

Aesthetic and transparent braces in Tijuana Mexico. Performed by Tijuana Mexico dentist Karla Daniela Corona, specialist in Orthodontics and Maxillofacial orthopedics.


Invisalign is a great alternative to traditional brackets for a comfortable and effective treatment that produces beautiful results. Invisalign is a transparent orthodontic system that aligns your teeth while giving a natural appearance and smile.

Radiance™ by American Orthodontics

Radiance braces are the ultimate combination of beauty, performance and strength. It’s proven to be the clearest of all ceramic braces. They are made from pure grown sapphire, providing an exceptionally clear appearance. The body of the braces also resists stains.
Designed to help straighten your teeth quickly and effectively without sacrificing your comfort. They have smooth surface that also makes easier to keep clean
One in five people seeking orthodontic are adult, many needing a true aesthetic solution. With Clear braces you can straighten your teeth providing a beautiful appearance during treatment and delivers your ideal smile with no interruption to your lifestyle.

Light gold braces.

Light gold braces delivers the control that your orthodontist needs with the elegant and minimal aesthetic of light gold.

Empower 2 self ligating Braces

Empower 2 self ligating braces are a smart choice for a beautiful smile and help make wearing braces a more positive experience. The technology of this braces uses a clip to hold your arch in place instead of traditional rubber bands or ligatures that can stain or wear over time, this allows for quicker and easier adjustments.

Empower is designed for comfort but also to achieve the goals of the orthodontic treatment with high control. Each Empower bracket is built with the highest standard with leading edge, high performance technology.

Metal Braces

We offer Metal Braces (Master Series™ by American Orthodontics) as a treatment choice.
Their unique design means smaller and more comfortable brackets that help us straighten your teeth quickly and in the best way possible. And the wide range of color choices for the little bans holding your wire in place means you can even have a little fun and show off your braces with pride. We have seen pink & white for Valentines day, green and red for Christmas, black and orange for Halloween, purple and gold for the Lakers, so if you can think of it we can make it for you. At Orthodontics Mexico we always have the most advanced cutting edge braces to offer our patients. We will offer these solutions to allow us to straighten your teeth with fewer visits, less discomfort and more cosmetically appealing options.

Accelerated orthodontics

We offer accelerated orthodontics with ultrasonic piezo tome. Decortalization of the bone means making straight cut lines along and in between the roots of the upper and/or lower anterior teeth to make faster moves. It reduces the time by half.