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Ceramic crowns and bridges

Tijuana dentistry offers beautiful, strong and natural looking all ceramic crowns in Tijuana Mexico at great prices. Tijuana Dentistry by Tijuana dentist Dr Max Corona offers leucite and lithium disilicate crowns. Tijuana dentist Max Corona is fully qualified professional and technician to access and design all type of dental prosthesis like crowns and also full arch bridges. All-ceramic crowns are a great alternative to porcelain fused to metal PFM and all-metal crowns as gold and base metal, because they have superior aesthetics and are very durable, bio compatible. they also look like natural teeth.

Ceramic and porcelain crowns in Tijuana.

What is an all ceramic or porcelain crown?

An all ceramic or porcelain crown made with press glass lithium disilicate or aluminum oxide, is a beautiful aesthetic veneer or jacket that is anatomical similar to a natural tooth, manufactured at Dr. Max Corona Tijuana Dentistry high tech dental ceramics laboratory using press furnaces and digital equipment. The properties of the glass porcelain ceramics crowns are color, hue, chroma, translucency and transparency on anterior teeth and a monolithic pure ceramics for posteriors; like molar teeth for resistance. Providing the anatomy and look a like of a natural tooth. The installation is fast and the results very attractive as there are no metal visible.

All ceramic crowns before and after.
All ceramic crowns before and after.

Lithium disilicate crowns

We offer lithium disilicate crowns in our dental clinic in Tijuana Mexico. Lithium disilicate is a strong, beautiful, aesthetic and natural looking material that looks like natural teeth, it also has a very high translucency, and the material is available in different translucency. Lithium disilicate is so strong material that can be used in all areas of the mouth, it is also known as the strongest available ceramic. Lithium disilicate offers a single and complete solution because full contour restorations are fabricated from one high-strength ceramic, not having to manage different materials. Lithium disilicate crowns combine strength with good aesthetics.

-Porcelain fused to Leucite Nucleus
-One piece monolithics

Lithium disilicate advantages

-Strongest ceramic

Leucite reinforced ceramics

Leucite-reinforced ceramic is a beautiful silica-based all ceramic. Leucite crystals can act as crack deflectors and reduce crack propagation. Leucite-reinforced ceramics are recommended for anteriors, inlays and onlays, and also when aesthetics is the primary objective.

-Porcelain fused to Leucite Nucleus
-One piece monoilithics

Zirconium crowns and bridges

We also offer zirconium crowns and bridges at the best prices the use of CAD-CAM systems that Dr. Max Corona is fully qualified Dental prostodontist for designing all type of dental prosthesis like crowns and also full arch bridges like for patients that has a very strong bite, zirconium is a man made metal that has a tooth color properties and the strength of metal, excellent choice for bruxers ( night teeth grinders ). Visit our Zirconium dental crowns and bridges page.