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Tijuana dentist Prices. Tijuana dental clinic price list

Tijuana dentist prices. Tijuana Dentistry is always looking the best way to give you the top quality you expect in dental services in Tijuana, at the best possible accessible prices.
The prices for dental services like dental implants and all ceramic crowns in Tijuana, are less than half of the price for the same dental services in United States. Even if you need to travel or accommodation, the savings can be very significant. We know the importance of Tijuana Mexico for health and dental tourism from the United States, Canada and other parts of the world, with this in mind, Tijuana Dentistry also focuses in offering a satisfactory health tourism experience.

Tijuana dentist price list

We guide our patients in the process with ethics and responsibility, always with transparency and being very clear when we explain our services and procedures, always looking to offer the best prices for the top quality you would expect.

Services Prices
Dental implant body placement $800 USD
Zirconia crown $500 USD
Root canal molar $350 USD
Root canal bicuspid $300 USD
Root canal anterior $250 USD
Post and build up core $120 USD
Surgical extraction of erupted tooth $120 USD
Surgical extraction of unerupted tooth $150-180 USD
Teeth cleaning $40 USD
Teeth bleaching $170 USD
Orthodontic tratment $1800-2000 USD
Orthodontic treatment with saphire braces (Radiance) $2300-2500 USD
Orthodontic retainer $150 USD