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Ultrasonic piezo technology in oral surgery

Most recent ultrasonic piezo surgery equipment and techniques, with the different variety of tips for different purposes have changed bone and oral surgery.

The use of ultrasonic vibrations when cutting bone or tooth structure is very precise. It causes no damage or necrosis in the bone cut, and is very gentile and safe with the soft tissue. Patients get faster healing with less swelling and discomfort.

Also the use of this technique is very helpful when doing sinus lifting, as it causes no tear to the soft tissue membrane inside the sinus anatomical cavity.

Other application is on extracting root remains and calcified teeth to the bone, that is the peritomy technique with ultrasound frequency instrumentation.

Patients can receive treatment with a single stage surgery with less time of work and less pain and postsurgical recovery.

The equipment uses three ultrasonic waves to simultaneously cut, clean and dig at the same time. Very neat and interesting technology.

Surgeons when working see nerves, arteries, blood vessels, veins etc. and always think on causing the least trauma, and that can be very well accomplished with piezo technology.

It can be used on a wide variety of oral procedures, specially when working with the bone, teeth and oral soft tissue.