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Amenities surrounding our Dental clinic.

Due to the present contingency, some of the following places are temorarily closed or modified their regular schedule and operations, even on a daily basis. Please check their official channels, websites or social media to stay up to date. We would be happy to help you find out!

CECUT (Temporarily closed)

One of the most iconic buildings in Tijuana hosts the Omnimax Theathre, an IMAX parabolic screen that takes you to an immersive experience to the most wonderful adventure and scientific films and documentaries. A place you definitely have to experience. At CECUT you can also find a museum for the history of the Californias, a theatre, aquarium, cafe and a 3 level exhibition building called “El cubo” with local and international exhibitions.


Giuseppis opens its doors in 1969 in Blvd. Agua Caliente in Tijuana. Now is a familiar chain of restaurants in both sides of the border. The first Giuseppis in Blvd. agua caliente is a place with incredible interiors that will transport you to a Venice Italian restaurant, but also, with the taste and experience that the Plasencia´s family has to offer.

Plaza Río

Parallel to the urbanization of “Zona Río” in Tijuana, Plaza Rio was born in 1981. Until now is one of the most well known shopping malls of Tijuana and the northwest of México.


In Tepoztlán, a pictoric town in south México, there is a tradition of decades in delicious artisanal ice cream. That tradition is brought to you to Tijuana by Tepoznieves. Enjoy a wide range of flavors and combinations of ice cream and find out why they are the “ice creams of gods”

Alma Verde

With a terrace to calle durango in colonia cacho, Alma verde offers delicious smooties, cold pressed juices and healthy food with optional vegan menu.