Dental implants in Tijuana Mexico at great prices

Dental implants in Tijuana

Dental implants in Tijuana Mexico at affordable prices. Be sure that your case will be performed by a professional, certified and experienced dentist in Tijuana Mexico at a price that is often less that half of the price for dental implants in the united states.


Dental implants tourism

Tijuana Dental Tourism

Costs and prices in Tijuana Dentistry could be significantly lower than prices for treatments in dental clinics in the United States or Canada, one of the reasons -besides the quality of our work- why North American community often choose Tijuana as their destination for dental services. Our dental clinic in Tijuana also provides all the assistance our patients need like free transportation and opportune information to make our patients health tourism experience the best of all.

Professionalism and experience by Dr. Max Corona

Be sure that your dental implant treatment case will be performed by a professional, certified and experienced dentist in Tijuana Mexico. All dental surgery, dental implants and full oral rehabilitation treatments are performed by Dr. Max Corona who is certified in Dental Implants by Loma Linda University school of dentistry using Nobel Biocare technology, and in conscious sedation by Sedation Dentistry in California. Dr. Max Corona has successfully performed this procedure in Tijuana Mexico for decades.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants consist of titanium screws, placed surgically inside the bone to strongly support a variety of dental appliances: as a natural looking tooth or teeth made of zirconia or ceramics, bridges and large prosthesis like partials or full over dentures, improving the quality of life of our patients, appearance and letting them eat the foods they always loved.

Dental implants Advantages

Implants have many benefits and advantages for your appearance, health and comfort, in the following lines we list and describe some of this advantages and benefits.
There are many advantages and benefits on choosing a dental implants treatment in our Tijuana dental clinic. Dental implants can definitely improve your quality of life from various perspectives.

Improved health

When placing a dental implant supported crown or bridge, you do not need to have reduce neighbor teeth, they remain intact. Dental implants also help to maintain your facial structure over time, preventing your bone from reseeding. Dental Implants also allow more space between teeth for more cleaning access.

Natural and beautiful appearance

Dental implants look very beautiful and realistic, they allow the placement of beautiful natural looking dental crowns and bridges. A beautiful zirconia or ceramic dental crown or bridge can give a very realistic look to your smile.

Improved and clear talking

With dental implants you can express yourself clearly and sound very natural as they allow you to vocalize when you talk just like with your natural teeth.

Facilitate eating and chewing

The treatment allow our patients chew and eat all the foods and desserts they love. If your missing teeth are making difficult for you to chew certain types of food, you will benefit from this modern and scientifically proven treatment. You also do not have to deal with removables.

Strength and durability

Dental implants are a very durable and reliable solution for replacing missing tooth or teeth as they integrate well with the bone. Taking good care, your beautiful and strong smile can last for many years or decades.

Procedure pain is minimal

The surgical procedure of endo oseo implantation and post operatory procedure are not as painful as other dental surgery since there are no nerve terminals in the bone. There however might be some temporary post operatorial discomfort.